3 Amazing Yoga YouTube Channels You Should Try Today

I’ll be honest, whenever I speak to someone who doesn’t do yoga I’m always quite shocked.

From the people who don’t do it, I often hear all about the aches and pains they have; plus all the physical reasons why they “can’t do yoga”.

However, they’re talking to someone who did yoga squats up until the day before I went into labour…so sorry I’m not buying it.


I’ve noticed some people also say “I’m not flexible enough”…no s**t Sherlock! It might well be because you’re not doing yoga perhaps? Just a wild guess!!

For a lot of people, yoga can be a much easier way to meditate than sitting still. Nothing beats a vinyasa flow for getting you out of a funk, and the number of times I’ve cried in a Yin class due to some random release that’s happened in my hips.


Our bodies store so many emotions that we don’t realise, yoga acts as an amazing tool to help release this and we come off the mat feeling leaner physically and lighter emotionally.


I think the problem is when you say “yoga” some people envision small skinny Indian men bending in peculiar positions. I get it, going to a class can be slightly intimidating…and I have to confess, one of my favourite things that used to happen in classes I attended was the odd boyfriend or husband you would see joining that was clearly there for the first time.


They would have this look of “yoga, pff what is this ‘sport’ you speak of” and they would look around the class assessing people’s physique and I assume biceps etc, which for those who frequent a yoga studio know are generally fairly lean and not the mass muscles you might see at a gym where people pump iron.


Then the class begins, normally some fairly easy stretches for the first 5-10 minutes. Then s**t starts to get really, I’ve seen many a time the looks of horror as the colour drains from their face and sweat starts to pour from every orifice as they desperately try to do the 20th Chaturanga Dandasana or balance on one arm in a fallen star pose.


But amusement aside, I would like to add that not all yoga classes are this way – part of the problem is that the aforementioned men (I’m not being sexist but in my experience so far it’s only ever been men) are trying to keep up with their partners who have no doubt been doing yoga for a while, which is kind of like trying to outrun someone that runs marathons when the most you’ve done is run for the bus.


There are so many different styles of yoga available and it’s about going at your own pace, I did Hatha for years but it’s not really my favourite. Later I discovered Vinyasa flows and fell in love, plus nothing beats a good Yin session at least once a week – especially if you also like to run.


So maybe you don’t want to start at a yoga studio just yet, and thanks to Covid as I’m writing this, for most of us it’s not an option anyway.


But nowadays there are so many different online resources available for practicing yoga, so…

Here are 3 of my favourite yoga YouTube channels:

Boho Beautiful


Firstly you can’t not love Juliana who teachers the classes on BB, her soul just exudes calm and serenity. On top of that many of the videos are filmed in beautiful locations such as Tibet and Costa Rica.

I love the channel so much that I now actually pay for membership to their app which makes it a bit easier to navigate the huge array of content and keep track of your activity.

They have a massive selection of videos for all levels and cover a wide variety of styles too; including some pilates and work out videos.


Take me to the YouTube channel


Sarah Beth Yoga


I love Sarah Beth Yoga for when you really want something specific, her content is super easy to navigate on YouTube.

It’s clearly labelled with what each video is aimed at for example “10 Minute Morning Yoga for Beginners” or “30 min Yoga stretch to unwind tight neck and hips.”

You can also search her content by video length, so if you only have 15 minutes to practice you know where to go straight away.


Take me to the YouTube channel


Yoga with Adriene


I have a lot of friends who love this channel but I’ll admit it’s not my go to, I have done a few of the classes which I enjoyed but I have always been more drawn to the two channels mentioned above.

I do love that she has a beautiful dog that appears in some of her videos, plus she has a Rainbow Yoga for all ages that my daughter loves!


Take me to the YouTube channel




Leading on from my daughter enjoying rainbow yoga, if you have kids (or grandkids or nieces/nephews etc) you’ll definitely want to check out Cosmic Kids Yoga.

Whilst my 6 and 4 year old have been off kindergarten due to Covid restrictions they’ve been doing this every day, my 4 year old saying “Namaste” and bowing at the end of each session might be one of the cutest things I’ve seen and it makes me melt every time!


Take me to the YouTube channel



The other great thing with yoga is you can choose to spend money on equipment or you can just use bits you already have around the house.

Here’s a few of my favourite yoga props and their alternatives:

Yoga Mats or use a towel

Yoga Straps or use a belt

Yoga Blocks or use some piled up books

Yoga Bolsters or cushions and pillows

The amazing Bindweed Blues in the UK do some beautiful bolsters made from recycled materials, you can even get them custom made in the colours and design you love…




Yoga Clothes or just use any old leggings, tshirts and a comfortable low impact sports bra


As much as I would like to be able to post photos of myself doing crazy poses, I’m not at that stage and I’m ok with that. Yoga will be a journey like everything else in life and I’m enjoying each new triumph as I go.

I went through a period in my 20’s of not doing yoga and my practice temporarily halted again the few weeks after I gave birth; I’ve noticed for me it takes around 1-3 months, depending on the break in between, before I start to feel the flexibility come back. So be gentle with yourself and take it slow.

Give one of these channels a try and I’d love to hear how you get on.


Rebecca xx


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