3 Things That Are Stopping You From Meditating And What To Do About Them…

I’ve noticed that when I mention the ‘M’ word to people I get one of two reactions; there’s the…

“I’ve always wanted to but I’ve never tried it” camp. Or;

A look of dread like “OMG she’s finally lost it and must be days a way from joining a cult”

The ‘M’ word I’m referring to my friends is not marriage….it’s meditation.


Most of us would love to feel less stressed, less anxious, be able to sleep more peacefully, keep depression at bay, stop shouting at the kids when they do the SAME damn thing you told them not to do for the tenth DAMN time in the last 5 minutes!!??


So whilst joining a commune or moving to a monastery might not be high on your agenda…if you’re struggling with any of the above you might just want to dip your toe into the mysterious world of meditation


How exciting, come on in…the waters warm like that amazing feeling you get…when you just peed in the sea (do not pretend you’ve never done this…just don’t admit the age you were the last time you did it 😉 )


So what’s stopping you? Here are the top 3 things I hear all the time…


1. “I don’t have the time”


I get it, we all have crazy busy schedules and trying to fit yet another thing into that just seems impossible. But what if I told you meditation and mindfulness can actually make everything else in your day easier?


Imagine you have to create something at work, maybe a presentation or setting up a new training course, you start it but keep getting distracted. Or maybe the ideas aren’t flowing and you start to get frustrated.


Meditation doesn’t have to be hours of chanting “Om” sat cross legged on the floor, simply stopping for one minute (yes one whole minute!!) and tuning into our body and the breath can create a huge shift in our energy and creativity.


So rather than spending thirty minutes pulling our hair out, we could sit for a minute meditating and then see what comes up when we go back to the task. Give this one minute meditation a try the next time you get stuck in spiral of creative frustration.


And when it comes to mindfulness….you can be mindful doing the things you already do!


How many times have you driven home and had no memory of the journey?












Ate a meal or snack and looked down to see it’s all gone but you don’t even remember eating it?









In situations like this, as well as many others, we can just take a second to notice if we’re in the present moment or not. I’ve lost count of the number of time’s I’ve said “ah hm” to my kids or noncommittally agreed with a “yeah” to my husband when I’m not paying attention (actually he does this more than me…but I digress!)


Start by just being aware of these situations, a great one is brushing your teeth…the next time you do it, just see how often your mind wonders to something else.


“Damn I forgot to hang up the wet laundry”

“That man at the supermarket today was so obnoxious”

“Did I feed the cat?”

“I must call the bank tomorrow”


Each time you get one of these thoughts, just bring yourself back to the present moment and the experience of brushing your teeth.


Maybe your mind wonders twice or maybe it wonders a hundred times, that doesn’t matter. Just start to notice….where did it go? To the past? To the future? Even if you do this for a few days you’ll start to notice patterns in your thoughts that give you a clue where your living, and **spoiler alert** it’s probably not in the present moment!



2. “It’s only for hippies and there’s no science backing it up”


I know, I know – when you say the “M” word it often conjures up images of monks in orange robes or hippies flipping the peace sign!! And that might be where it once started, but it’s certainly not where it stopped…


There are so many studies out there now that back up the long list of benefits that meditation and mindfulness can have – from reduction of stress, anxiety and depression to improving IQ and reducing physical pain.


Some of the most influential people out their like Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates swear by it, and hey who can argue with the brain power of those two? You might think it’s just a fashionable new trend like many other things…but people have been meditating for over 5000 years.


What was once a predominately spiritual practice has evolved over time and different techniques have been developed to make it more accessible than ever. Here at Saja Soul we want to take away some of that “woo woo” element to give you a better understanding of what it’s all about; and why you might benefit from giving it a try.


If you want to stop feeling so stressed/anxious/tired and start feeling more calm/energetic/less likely to sell one of your own children on eBay….check out our events page where you can find details of our free upcoming introduction to meditation program.


We would love to see you and your *eyes rolling* “meditation is all a load of codswallop” attitude soon….see you at the commune *clears throat* sorry I mean class 😉



3. “I tried it…but I was no good at it”


This has to be one of the top reasons I hear for why people try meditation one or two times and then stop. When you first learnt to ride a bike was it easy from the get go or did it take time?


And as adults how often do we say about the average person “wow they’re so good at riding a bike” I’m guessing that’s not a compliment you dish out to your friends on a regular basis?


The same applies to meditation, training our minds is no different than training our bodies! It’s not about “getting better” it’s just about doing it. We can ride bikes but I’m sure even as adults we’ve all fallen off.


Let go of the idea that meditation is something you need to be “good” at, like most things in life it’s a journey.


On top of that there are so many different types of meditation available, it might just be what you tried is not the right method for you. Imagine if we did that with bras? I can’t imagine where my boobs would be located now if I’d given up on bras completely after the first one.


Don’t try one style and then decide “meditation is not for me”, you wouldn’t go to a wine tasting and only try one glass of wine…am I right? Be playful, stop judging yourself and see what else is out there for you to try.


So if you’re ready to give meditation another try, check out our services page for details of what we can offer.



Rebecca xx

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