5 Online Tools To Use For Personal Growth

If you’ve ever worked in a corporate environment, then you’ve probably come across the Myers Briggs personality test. The test splits people into 16 different personality types, the aim of which was to make psychological theories developed by Carl Jung more accessible to the masses.


That’s all well and good, but for those outside the corporate world (or even for those in it) it may not be something that really excites you!


Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to stumble across a number of other tools that have helped me delve into different aspects of myself; and to explore more of what makes me who I am and why on earth I might be here.


Here’s my go to list to help with personal growth…



Main Application: Career & Understanding Your Personal Core Fears


I’m starting with the Enneagram test because it’s the most similar to Myers Briggs in so far as that it splits people into 9 personality types. The main difference between the two as stated by Dr A.J. Drenth on the Personality Junkie website is as follows…

One of the most foundational differences between these systems is their underlying assumptions regarding the role of nature and nurture in personality.

The Enneagram leans more toward the nurture side of things, suggesting that types emerge as a response to early childhood experiences. To my knowledge, neither Jung nor Myers-Briggs wrote extensively about the effects of nurture or parenting.

Jung, in particular, seemed to view type as largely inborn, with nurture being responsible for what he called “compensations” (e.g., introverts compensating in extraverted situations).”


If you want to delve deeper into the differences there’s also a great article by Brandi Neal on Bustle that you might want to check out here.


I definitely found this a useful tool when I wanted a career change and was looking to launch Saja Soul. It got me reflecting on what fears were holding me back from doing what I actually wanted to do, as an Enneagram 8 the idea of having control of my own business appealed to me but the fear of not being able to control how successful I might be petrified me in equal measure!


So if you’re keen to learn more about your own core fears this might be the one for you.


VIA Character Strengths Profile

Main Application: Career & Understanding Your Personal Strengths


Right now I’m studying to become a Positive Psychologist and this tool actually forms part of the curriculum. The team at VIA describe it as:


“A free self-assessment that takes less than 15 minutes and provides a wealth of information to help you understand your best qualities.

VIA Reports provide personalised, in-depth analysis of your free results, including actionable tips to apply your strengths to find greater well-being.”


One thing I encourage people to do before taking the test is to have a look at the list of 24 character strengths and pick 5 you think most apply to you. Then once you’ve done the test you can go back and see if your answers are anywhere close to the results.


There were definitely a few on mine I knew would come up high on the list and a few I knew would be way down at the bottom, plus a few surprises.


One way to apply the results is to take a challenge or difficulty you may be facing; look at your top strengths, pick 3 from your top 10 that could be applied to your current situation to help you through. You can even write down a few sentences for each one explaining how they can help you, this can then enable you to get clarity on issues that might have previously seemed hard to resolve.


5 Love Languages

Main Application: Relationships



If you’ve had a significant other for 6 months or more, it might be time for you to take this test!!!


Or if you’re not in a relationship right now but want to be, you could take the test to learn what might’ve gone wrong in previous relationships and how to better communicate what you need in future relationships.


For a long time, my husband would thank me for doing things around the house.

For a long time, I wanted to punch him and say “stop thanking me for doing it and just bloody help me!”


Luckily before that punch happened (although there were a lot of verbal punches coming out of my mouth and virtual ones going on in my head), we came across the 5 Love Languages by Dr Gary Chapman.


The research behind the 5 Love Languages is that each person gives and receives love in different ways, and as the title would suggest there are 5 key types:


Acts of Service those who want actions and not words

Receiving Gifts people who feel love through receiving a well thought out gift

Quality Time – those who want to receive undivided attention to feel loved

Words of Affirmation – people who need to receive affirming words to feel loved

Physical Touch – those who need to receive appropriate physical touch


Man oh man what a game changer, needless to say my husbands love language is “Words of affirmation” whilst mine’s “Acts of service.”

He now knows instead of thanking me he just needs to help out more.

And I know I need to tell him how amazing he is for taking the rubbish out or washing the dishes.


I’ll be honest…to start with it felt really unnatural; and I felt a bit pissed about doing it “so he took out the rubbish, why does he need to feel like he deserves a medal for this?”


However, then I really started to notice that whenever he hadn’t been doing something that makes me feel loved I could feel how my own sense of happiness with our relationship started to slip.


But as soon as he did the things I liked I felt so much better – for example my second love language is physical touch, I started to notice on the days he’d hugged me a lot I was much happier and just generally nicer to be around.


This obviously made me realise it’s the same for him – he needs me to tell him he’s doing a good job because that’s how he feels loved. So even if it doesn’t make sense to me, I need to respect that’s what he needs from me.


And no, it doesn’t mean that because you know each other’s love languages you won’t still get upset about the same thing anymore! But for both of us now when the other one appears upset for no reason, we can look back at the last days and think about how we’ve behaved towards each other.


So I ask myself….


“Have I thanked my husband for the things he’s done each day?”

“Have I told him how thankful I am for the work he does to support our family?”


And if the answer to those questions is “no”, I start to realise why he might not be in the best of moods right now!


And not unlike in the Gremlins movie, where the adorable little Mogwai’s suddenly turn into Gremlins if they’re fed after midnight….my husband knows if he hasn’t helped out around the house or hugged me at least a couple of times that day, then he might be waking up to a Gremlin pretty soon.


If you’re a parent, there’s also a version for kids and teenagers so you can figure out what type of love they need from you too. So if you want a more harmonious household this ones definitely worth a try.



Human Design

Main Application: Career, Relationships & Life Purpose


I took a course at the end of 2020 that explored Human Design and this was the first time I’d ever heard about it! I found out my type and profile but the course left me wanting to know more.

Cindy Regier



I stumbled across Cindy Regier on Instagram and was very happy I did, as a Human Design & Intuition Coach she was able to delve into my results and give me the detailed feedback I wanted. I caught up with Cindy so she could give us the lowdown on what Human Design is all about….







How would you describe Human Design?

“Human Design is a fun scientific system that uses your birth information to calculate your Unique Energetic Blueprint. It’s an extremely accurate way to deepen your self understanding and enhance your life and your relationships!”


What benefits do people get from knowing their Human Design information?

“Once you learn your Human Design you can integrate this into your life, business and relationships. There really are limitless benefits to knowing your Human Design!


Some examples are self empowerment, increased self trust and confidence in decision making. You will have an increased understanding of your partner and a more harmonised relationship. You can also integrate Human Design into your parenting to understand the behaviour patterns of your children.


Plus, when you align with your own unique energy you start to see an increase in your energy levels and you will have the tools to prevent burnout.”


How do you support your clients in the process?

“I predominately support Women in the embodiment and integration of their Human Design.


I start with a Human Design Chart Reading; in this reading we dive into their Auric/Energy type, Profile, Soul Purpose, their Power Centers and areas of conditioning…just to name a few.


I offer my clients individual readings, relationship readings and family readings depending on what areas they want clarity in.  I also support Women through 1:1 Coaching if they desire further integration into their Human Design and tapping into their intuition. My coaching areas of support cover Emotional Intelligence, Manifestation, Relationships, Energetics, Mindset and of course Human Design!”


I found my own session with Cindy so helpful that I immediately booked a family package so that I could get the results for my husband and kids too!


For those out their with partners or children we all know how hard it can be sometimes to understand why they behave or react in a certain way, the feedback I got during my family reading really helped me to get a clearer idea on how my husband and kids work.


The other great thing I love is the element on your souls purpose, I’m somewhat of a control freak and I always struggled trying to find that one thing I was supposed to be doing to fulfil my purpose – turns out I actually don’t have one specific thing. I’m just here to get excited about all kinds of stuff and share what I learn with everyone else.


So now the fact I quit a corporate job to start teaching and to write this blog doesn’t seem like such a crazy idea after all!!


If you’re interested to know more or if you’re keen to book a session with Cindy you can contact her via email  or you can find her on Instagram @Cindyregier













Discover Your Dharma Archetype by Sahara Rose

Main Application: Career & Life Purpose



In this quick 10 question quiz from Sahara Rose you’ll find out which of the 9 Dharma Archetypes you are:












If you haven’t heard of the word Dharma before it means your soul’s purpose. Sahara Rose describes it as:

“Your Dharma is your divine purpose on this planet, 

your soul’s essence, 
the unique vibration only you can carry out in the world”


I’m currently working my way through the “Discover Your Dharma” book, the website also provides you with resources to help you understand more once you’ve taken the quiz. And if you STILL want more, she has an Ayurvedic Mind-Body Type Quiz too.


This is a great one if you feel you need a gentle nudge in the right direction!


I’d love to hear if you’ve used any of those tools before and how they’ve helped you?


And if there’s any new one’s you decide to try after reading this article let me know how you get on!


Rebecca xx



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