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We get it…starting a meditation journey or delving into your Inner Child might seem daunting and possibly just ever so slightly mysterious!

We would love to hear from you on any concerns you may have about getting started...


Inner Child Integrated Healing is a trauma-informed approach to working with individuals who have experienced various forms of trauma, abuse, and neglect earlier on in their life.

As children we feel the energy and emotions of the things that go on around us, but we don‘t always have the power or the words to articulate exactly how we feel. As a result, our experiences within childhood can have an effect on our emotional, mental and physical responses to life events as an adult.

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If you have any other questions; such as for workshops, collaborations or corporate event bookings, please drop us a line using the form below:

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You‘ll hear back from us within 48 hours from Monday to Friday (unless we‘ve managed to lose complete track of time meditating!) In case you haven’t received any feedback within this time frame, please reach out to us via email on:


When we‘re not in the office we‘ll most likely be out in nature trying to wear out our kids!! That way we can get a relaxing evening of tea drinking, sofa snuggling and curling up with a good book before an early night. Yeah…our party days are mostly over, but pretty sure all of us can be convinced of the need for some post Covid merriment whenever the time comes…tbc…


A huge “thank you“ for reaching out to us… we all know that feeling of not wanting to raise our hand when we need help - but the first step to getting answers is always being brave enough to ask the question.

Rebecca xx